Important Notice

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Military education students enrolled in the special course from 12/12/2020 to 24/12/2020 must visit the university's e-learning website in order to locate the links to the military education course for (research - lectures – testing). This is to check the following:
1) Knowing and following the rules of conducting a research and sending it no later than Thursday 17/12/2020 to be saved in pdf format. Document should include the name of the student, the university code, the faculty - the level - the national number and the date of the course. Kindly note that identical papers will be rejected along with plagiarized ones.
2) Access to the five scheduled lectures, one lecture per day starting from Saturday 12/12/2020 to Wednesday 16/12/2020.
3) The final exam date is on Wednesday at 06:00 PM for one hour only.
❖ To pass the course, it is required to send the research and perform the test. The course is canceled for the student unless this is done, bearing in mind that the research is checked through a plagiarism program, provided that match percentage should not exceed 70%.

❖ Kindly go to the links mentioned on the university's e-learning website on the first day of the course to ensure that the student can access it. In case it is not possible to access the aforementioned links, then contact the Information Department to solve the problem to ensure that the research is sent before the deadline. Also, enter the test link before the final exam date to make sure that it can be accessed as there is no re-test in case the student does not access the link at the specified time for the test.