Launching a Project of Applying Information Technology in the Field of Health

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 last week, October 6 University hosted the first meeting to launch a project of applying information technology in the field of health which was organized in coordination with the European Union and with the participation of 7 Egyptian universities and 4 Lebanese universities. The project aimed at enhancing cooperation between October 6 University and the European Union in the field of  industry- based information technology. Moreover, the project targeted setting up an electronic network to develop the marketing of electronic health systems and offering short-term (6 months) and long-term(one year) professional diploma programs  to study medical informatics and E- Health in Egyptian and Lebanese universities participating in the project via transferring knowledge from European universities to the universities of Egypt and Lebanon.
In addition, The project designed  programs for continuous  education  and training  in the field of electronic health through upgrading medical engineering and information technology.
It is worthy noted that  October 6 University played a pivotal role in enhancing the  mechanisms of joint cooperation between all the participating universities