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Graduate University on October 6

 An academic cooperation agreement was singed between many governmental universities and October 6 university (O6U) and endorsed by the supreme council of national and private  universities June 4,2011 by which O6U is allowed to offer postgraduate programs in Collaboration with Theses Universities and the degree will be granted by them .

Accordingly, it was agreed on The following :

 1.     The degrees offered will be those offered by governmental universities ( Diploma , Masters and PhD degrees )

2.     Theses Universities accept a number of O6U Egyptian applicants to its Masters and PhD programs from Demonstrators and assistant  lecturers working at O6U . the tuition and fees will be the same like Egyptian applicants from government universities.

3.     Priority will be given for study at These Universities to O6U graduates who fulfill the academic requirements for state universities .

4.     For non-Egyptian students, the financial rules will be the same as these universities with additional fees required by O6U .

5.     Supervisory committees for the postgraduate degrees will be established by the concerned academic department at these universities each committee is composed of 1-2 senior faculties from the department at these universities with one faculty member from O6U .

6.     these universities will grant the degree. The certificate will refer to the fact that work was done in collaboration with O6U .

7.     teaching and research will be conducted in classrooms and laboratories of O6U. committee.

8.     The most senior faculty either from these universities or O6U will be the chairman of the supervisory committee.

9.     All candidates accepted in these programs must fulfill all the theoretical and research requirements of these universities .


Documents required for application for postgraduate students :

 1. certified copy of a university undergraduate diploma.
1.  certified copy of the university transcript.
2.  copy of the id card or passport for Egyptians.
3.  copy of the passport for non-Egyptians.
4. Documents about the English language level.
5. (6) color photographs of 4 x 6.


Registration Steps for postgraduate Admission :

1.     Secure the postgraduate file from the admissions office and submit all the required documents to the O6U office of postgraduate studies .

2.     the postgraduate admissions office will submit the file to the appropriate faculty office for review and evaluation by the academic department and approval  of the concerned faculty council and dean .

3.     after approval, the of postgraduate studies will provide the applicant with a financial bill including tuition and registration fees .

4.     after receipt of the payments, an ID card will be issued to the applicant for use of the University academic, social and cultural facilities .

5.     the faculty will assign an academic graduate adviser to each postgraduate student. He will advise the student and prepare with him the list of courses and all relevant information .

6.     before the end of august every year, the postgraduate office at O6U will send the files and documents to the other Universities postgraduate office for final approval and admission ,


7.     Examinations will be held at October 6 University . the time – table will be reviewed by both University Faculties concerned .