World Psychological Health Day Celebration

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 As part of the implementation of the cultural plan for the academic year 2021-2022, the Department of Psychological Nursing and Mental Health held a seminar on: celebrating the annual World Day of Psychological Health in October 2021. In the presence of a group of gentlemen, faculty members and the auxiliary body, they are presented by: Professor Dr. Sabah Al-Sharqawi, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of October 6, and Professor Dr. Soraya Ramadan, Undersecretary of the Faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development affairs and Head of the Department of Psychological Nursing and Mental Health. Today included a number of student activities , which I commend - presented by the students of the section enrolled in the fourth division of the autumn academic year 2021-2022, including: starting with the quran and followed by the paragraph of poetry and then the theatrical presentation and displaying scientific content in the form of: PPT: Presentation, as well as his paragraph Ask Answer, which included discussions between students and gentlemen faculty members and other students. Today also included a number of awareness activities with the outside and the free community of the college and the university in the form of Porsches and awareness posters and activities that encouraged it, which were all intended for Raising the values and encouraging student participation and achieving community awareness about mental health, mental illness and fighting stigma.