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Faculty Mission :

the Faculty of physical therapy - October 6 University seeks to Prepare graduates who are able to meet the requirements of the labor market by providing them with essential knowledge and skills to offer high quality healthcare services through continuous education and scientific research within the framework of values and professional ethics.

Faculty Vision :

To be a leading educational institute in the physical therapy field through nurturing unique graduates and providing applied scientific research for community development and service.

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مشاركة عميد كلية العلاج الطبيعي فى لجنة الترقى للجنه العلمية العليا

  شارك أ.د / عادل عبد الحميد نصير عميد كلية العلاج الطبيعي فى لجنة الترقى العلمية العليا بأكبر صرح طبى عسكرى لفحص الإنتاج العلم

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لقطات من الدورة التدريبية لرسم الاعصاب والعضلات بكلية العلاج الطبيعي

 نظم مركز التدريب والتعليم المستمر بكلية العلاج الطبيعي - جامعة 6 أكتوبر دورة تدريبية عن رسم الاعصاب والعضلات حاضر فيها أ.د/ ابراهيم محمد زهي

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Training Course Electromyography and Electroneurography in Physical

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Faculty of Physical Therapy Celebrates the International Day of People

 Community Service and the Environmental Development Committee at Faculty of Physical Therapy, in cooperation with the Department of Physical Th

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Faculty of Physical Therapy - University of October (6 O U) Got

 The Faculty of Physiotherapy  ,6th  of October  University,  is accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assuran

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