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October 6 University at a Glance

A Glance at October 6 University
• The pioneer of private university education since its establishment according to the Presidential Decree number 243 year 1996. 
• A member of the Association of Arab Universities and the Association of African Universities.
• A member of the United Nations Initiative on Corporate Social Responsibility (UN Global Compact). 
• The university ranked first in the international competition (Innovation Race for Sustainability) which organized by (Finance in Motion) company, one of the Enactus International Organization's competitions for enhancing entrepreneurship and contributing to the implementation of the developmental projects, that took place in Frankfort, Germany. The Enactus 6th of October University team, who represents Egypt, was capable of overcoming four other teams, representatives of four other universities from different countries, namely (Germany, Tunisia, Morocco and Ukraine). This first rank plays the role of culmination for the efforts made by the Egyptian team in the Jasmine Agricultural Developmental Project, that took place in Shobra Boula Village, one of the Egyptian villages, which is called The Jasmine Village, where the team succeeded in the reuse of the agricultural plants' waste and recycle them into paper that can be used in various purposes as one of the innovative solutions for the conservation of trees and ecological balance.  
In 2018, The university ranked second on the international university level  in Enacts world cup 2018 competition held in California, USA, with the participation of (36) countries, including a large number of developed countries such as: The United States, France, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and China.
Enacts is a non-profit international organization for creativity and innovation in the field of entrepreneurship which includes (72000) student on the international university level with the participation of (1730) universities on the international level. Enacts co-operates with the United Nations in the field of achieving the seventeen goals for sustained development and it also works with 550 companies and global institutions as a partner.

• PetRobot team, from the Department of Mechatronics, faculty of Engineering, at October 6 University, ranked second in the national qualifications in Landmine Detection Competition, held in The American University, at New Cairo. The Pet Robot team has qualified to take part in the international competition, representing Egypt, at Macaw city, China, on the sidelines of the activities of the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2019.
• The University also ranked first in Minesweepers 2018, that took place in Spain at the IROS Conference at the presence of the king of Spain and many prominent figures and the world's famous companies in the field of robotics. The University's team competed at the IROS Conference, the largest robotics conference in the world with more than 12 countries' teams from including Spain, the host country, Switzerland, Bolivia, India and Malaysia.
• All the degrees awarded by the University are recognized and accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.
• The University is in collaborative partnerships and agreements with many foreign and Egyptian academic institutions. 
•  Total student population is about 25000, of which about 1500 are international students drawn from more than 30 nationalities. 
• The total area of the University campus is 170,000 square meter (excluding the three storey Central Library building which amounts to 9000 square meter). 
• Educational and administrative buildings in O6U occupy (22%) of the total area of the University campus whereas the rest is green area and playgrounds.
• The University campus houses four educational buildings, university hospital and female hostel, in addition to an administrative building. As for the central library and male hostel, they lie about 150 meters off University campus.
• The University has (124) studying halls and classrooms provided with audio, visual and multimedia devices can accommodate up to 12000 students at a time.
• The total capacity of the teaching halls and rooms in addition to labs, workshops and special halls can accommodate up to 22000 students at a time. 
• The Faculty of Pharmacy is the first in all private universities that acquired the certificate of Quality Assurance and the Accreditation of the National Authority in February 2014, followed by the Faculty of Languages and Translation, and the Department of Biomedical Equipment, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in 2017 , Faculty of Medicine , Faculty of information systems and computer science and The Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in 2018  , Faculty of dentistry and faculty of physical therapy and reaccreditation for the faculty of pharmacy in 2019 . 
• The University offers its services to both national and international Students through the several administrations such as: Student's Affairs, Epidemics' Affairs, Cultural Relations, Public Relations, Youth Welfare, Social Responsibility administration and transportation services.
• The University offers postgraduate programs in different disciplines in collaboration with a number of national universities.
October 6 University further has:
• 13 Faculties that provide specializations in the fields of medical, technological and humanities : -
o Faculty of medicine and surgery
o Faculty of pharmacy
o Faculty of physical therapy 
o Faculty of dentistry
o Faculty of applied medical sciences 
o Faculty of engineering
o Faculty of information system and computer sciences
o Faculty of applied arts
o Faculty of mass media and communication arts
o Faculty of education
o Faculty of economic and management
o Faculty of tourism and hotel management  
o Faculty of language's and translation 
• A Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation aiming at spreading quality culture besides units for quality assurance and accreditation in all the Faculties. 
• Laboratories (189) with the total capacity of about (6853) students at a time.
• A teaching and therapeutic hospital - with the capacity of 320 beds – geared with up State-of-the-art equipment's. The hospital has advanced outer clinics offering medical services in different majors and specialties including: open heart surgery, intensive care, coronary artery care, and catheter of interfering heart arteries in addition to the departments of artificial and kidney transplantation, radiology, ophthalmology, orthopedic unit, addiction treatment and an emergency department working round the clock. 
• Six October University Library (SOUL) operates as a cultural beacon that supports the curricula, academic programs, and scientific researches, along with providing services to the public community –outsider visitors from other communities - .
SOUL consists of: university library, electronic library and public library. The paper based content, SOUL has about 200 scientific periodicals and more than 85 thousands of textbooks, references and others, Issued in Arabic and foreign languages, in addition to more than one thousand theses. SOUL displays selected projects prepared by October 6 University students under the supervision of its staff. Bibliographical data of all SOUL collections are available for search through its Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to identify their Locations for easy Handling. SOUL also has museums that comprise some of the personal belongings of the most notable figures.
The digital library in SOUL serves its users in term of: 
- SOUL subscribes to nine specialized databases from EBSCO, namely:  Dentistry & Oral Science Source; MEDLINE with Full text; SPORT Discus with Full text; eBook Academic Collection; ERIC; LISTA; Green FILE; Funk & Wagnall's, and Teacher reference.
- SOUL displays more than hundreds of international databases provided by the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. These databases are offered by the largest publishing houses in the world to cover various disciplines of science and knowledge serving all the Egyptian community, students, researchers, youth, and the public.
- Resources available on CD-ROMs  and DVDs
- The availability of Internet to access open sources. 
- The library now provides millions of information sources, full-text, in various disciplines to all library visitors in a digital format.
• A female student hostel with the capacity of 262 single and double rooms - some of which are air conditioned. 
• A male student hostel with the capacity of 231 single and double rooms - some of which are air conditioned. 
• An outdoor educational museum and another indoor museum for tourism. 
• A fleet of buses to serve students and employees to commute between the different districts of greater Cairo.   
• A shopping mall 
• Courts for basketball, handball, football and tennis. 
• 2 halls for conferences and symposia that can accommodate up to 300 persons each.
• An Elderly Nursing Home under Construction.
• A recently established authentication and legalization office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the first of its kind in private universities) to serve community of the University and Sixth of October City and beyond.