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October 6 University hospital is dedicated from the beginning to provide distinguished clinical service based on health care quality assurance measures.

The hospital forms the corner-stone in medical education and clinical practice. The health care services and medical experience are offered by a distinguished medical staff and well equipped hospital departments and units.  The hospital is built on a surface area of 45000 square meters. It has a capacity of 300 beds, 20% out of them are offering free of charge service. 

        The mission of October 6 University Teaching Hospital is to apply not only the reference academic standards but also implementing the international standards for quality control to deal with patients' health problems efficiently, effectively and ethically. Also, our institution aims to provide proper diagnostic and therapeutic services with high precision to meet the social and community needs and recommendations. The hospital aims to improve the skills of the employees through continuous medical education program designed to enhance patient outcomes and contributes to solve the community health problems of the city and region.

      The vision of October 6 University Teaching Hospital is to be one of the most reputable medical centers in the region. This is achieved by merging excellence in clinical practice & experience, with education and research.  

For More Information: www.osuth.org