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Committee Crises and Disasters


Establishing an effective internal system that manages crises and disasters that could occur in the work environment


Preparing and implementing insurance plans and programs against crises and disasters in order to reduce the dangers and negative impacts in the work environment

Strategic goals of the Committee 

1.      Take preventive actions to reduce the occurrence of a crisis

2.      Create a plan in advance to illustrate the means of coping and handing a crisis.

3.       Construct plans and drills to handle a crisis

4.      Promoting Awareness campaign for ways to manage crisis and disasters, and ways to seek aid and preparatory means to deal with crisis and disasters. Trainings to do so will be given to faculty members, assisting members, personnel, and the students in the university.

5.      Maintain regular monitoring and updates for the early prediction alarm system and tools.

6.      Placing a clear demonstration guidance handout on the room doors in the faculty to illustrate the evacuation strategy in case of a crisis event should to happen.