An open dialogue about volunteering and community participation with students

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under the auspices of a. Dr. Sabah Al-Sharqawi, Dean of the College of Nursing
The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector organized an open dialogue on volunteer work and community participation with a group of college students (Volunteer House Team)
Objective: To increase their awareness of what voluntary work and community participation are, to familiarize them with their role towards participating in the fight against addiction, and to introduce them to the work and role of the Addiction Control and Treatment Fund, in accordance with the protocol established between the university, represented by the College of Nursing, and the Ministry of Solidarity. This was under the supervision of
a. Dr.. Soraya Ramadan, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
Dr.. Shahira… health nursing teacher and protocol coordinator at the college on Thursday, 21/4 at the College of Nursing