The second student forum of the Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University

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The launch of the activities of the second student forum of the Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University
Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Gamal Samy, President of the University, and Prof. Dr. Iman Al-Azizi, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, the second student forum of the college was held on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, entitled “Raising and Developing Student Abilities: A Professional Vision.” The conference was attended by deans and faculty members. From the faculties of nursing in Egypt’s public, private and private universities, as well as from the faculties of 6th of October University. The meeting was attended by the Nursing Syndicate and praised the title, and the students from the Nursing Department echoed it. The forum also included a session for successful personalities from graduates of nursing colleges. During the conference activities, the students discussed 15 scientific research. The conference included various artistic activities by the students, which included reciting poetry, religious chanting, and singing, and took place on the sidelines of the conference. An exhibition that included an exhibition of scientific projects for students of the Faculty of Nursing, October 6 University. The conference was headed by Prof. Dr. Sabah Al-Sharqawi, Dean of the College and General Secretary of the Conference, Prof. Dr. Raja Ali Muhammad, and the conference rapporteurs, Prof. Dr. Amani Sami, Head of the Maternal Health Department, and Dr. Theresa Khalifa
All attendees and participants praised the success of the various aspects of the conference