The Culture of Human Rights

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Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia Seada the president of O6U and in cooperation with the General Authority for Cultural Palaces (Committee of Human Rights and Coexistence), Faculty of Social Sciences in O6U organized a workshop entitled "The Culture of Human Rights" on 9th of November 2010. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Magdy Hegazy the deputy president of O6U for education and students affairs, Prof. Dr. Sohair Lotfy the ex-president of The National Centre for Social and Criminal Researches and the member in the higher Council of Culture, together with Mr. Ahmed Zaham the head of Cairo and northern upper Egypt province gave speeches in the symposium which was attended by 52 of the university students. Many aspects were discussed among which are: the conception of coexistence and the obstacles that stand against rooting values of national coexistence and human rights, in addition to the possible solutions to overcome these obstacles and developing consciousness with rights and duties, besides deeply rooting values of belonging and national coexistence. Finally, in his concluding speech Prof. Dr. Ahmed Magdy Hegazy announced the founding of a student league aiming at spreading the intellectual atmosphere of human rights among university students.