the future of water recourses of Egypt

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the future of water recourses of Egypt Speaker: DR. khaled Wassif The general director of water communication unit Ministry of water resources and irrigation Faculty of pharmacy organized an orientation about the future of water recourses of Egypt. Dr. khaled Wassif stressed that the Ministry spares no effort to achieve the optimal use of the water yield to fulfil the requirements of the different sectors in the country, On March 5th 2005, Egypt presented its National Water Resources Plan. It is the first country in the region to achieve the 2005 Integrated Water Resources Management plan’s target from the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. The plan addresses the way Egypt will face the challenges of a growing population and the related industrial and agricultural activities whose demand continues to grow to a level that is stretching the limits of the available supply. Moreover, the population growth and industrial and agricultural developments are producing severe pollution of both surface and groundwater resources. The strategy ‘Water for the Future’ is based on four principles: to develop additional resources, make better use of existing resources, protect public health and environment, and improve institutional arrangements. This orientation under supervision of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Kohiel, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6 University.