Radiation protection training course

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Radiology and Orthopedic Departments Radiation protection training course From 3 to 11 November 2010 Speakers: Prof. Amira Hamed, head of radiology department. Prof. Mahmoud Hafez ,Head of Orthopedic Department. Prof. Basyuni Gad El-Rab, Professor of nuclear medicine & consultant in radiation protection. Venue: Lecture Hall, 3rd floor, October 6 University Hospital Program: Subject to be discussed and workshops: Topic Interventional procedures – Avoiding radiation injuries Radiation protection in CT Radiation protection in pregnancy Hazards of radiation to operating room personnel Protection from radiation hazards in the operating room (for surgeons, anesthetists, radiographers, nurses, and other stuff) Workshop and demonstration from the operating room using image intensifier. Recommendations and conclusion Workshop for measuring radiation exposure using dosimeter Comments and Conclusions: • The previous topics were discussed and demonstrated to the participants • The exposure limits and restrictions were explained in full details taking in consecrations the different hazards if uncontrolled and restricted radiation exposure happens to the patients, workers, and environmental • The critical situations like pregnant females, children and or interventional procedures workers were also taken in consideration • Active participation in the workshops accentuated the practical benefits for the course.