The First Scientific Conference of the College entitled "Disability and the right to live"

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Summary of the Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Physical Therapy (Pediatrics’ Dept.) Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Attia Seda – Rector – and Prof. Dr. / Mohammad Sadik Badawi - Dean and Chairman of the Conference The children's Department held the first Scientific Conference of the College entitled "Disability and the right to live" Oversaw the Conference Prof. Dr. / Shadia Abdul Aziz - Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and General Secretary of the Conference - lecturers at the conference include: • Prof.Dr. / Shadia Abdul Aziz Mohammed (Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and Secretary General of the Conference) • Prof.Dr. / Mohammed Hisham Saffouh (professor of pediatrics - Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University) • Dr. / Mohamed Abdel Fattah Abdel Ghaffar (a college teacher) • Dr. / Somaya Ali Hamid (a college Lecturer) • Dr. / Tamer Imam Elnegamy (a college Lecturer) • Dr. / Mohamed Sayed Khalil (a college Lecturer) A number of the houses of the disabled in 6 October City had been invited to the conference who attended with a number of children with disabilities and at the end of the conference it was an educational booklet with tips required for such children and their families. An open debate (discussion) between lecturers and parents of disabled children and ended the conference to the following recommendations: 1. It is a must to have a different disciplines college clinic to meet the needs of these children, such as (a nutritionist - addresses Specialist - Therapist my functions) for these children. 2. Expand the circle of dealing with the centers responsible for these children through therapeutic and other convoys. 3. Processing Pediatric Clinic in college by increasing the devices used for these children.