Second symposium “ Title:- Trials for development of HCV-Vaccine “

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Second symposium Date: - 18-4-2013 Title:- Trials for development of HCV-Vaccine Summary: Hepatitis-c disease in Egypt is a crucial health problem. The incidence is around 18% of the total population. The external speakers prof.A.Abomedian, professor of hepatology, at faculty of medicine, Cairo university and professor Sami Zaki, prof of hepatology at faculty of medicine, Domiat persecoted the following:- The history, the natuve of virus –c the mode of infection, the current treatment and the trials for development of HCV-vaccine The dean and prof Naglaa Hashim proposed the development of a specialzed clinic for viral hepatitis diseases confined to diagnosis , treatment and follow up of viral hepatitis the faculty of applied medical sciences will introduce the health education for these diseases to effect the protection .