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1-Training courses and workshops in ( Drawing for Beginners) Course Objectives: Beginners learn to draw basic geometric and organic objects in pencil, in various levels . The program especially focuses on drawing various natural objects (flowers and plants), from different angles and attain different aesthetic and creative values benefiting from the various shades and effects obtained from the material(pencil).. - Course Duration: 8 weeks , twice a week \ 2- Training courses and workshops in ( Advanced Drawing ) Course Objectives: This advanced course enhances students drawing ability and introduces them to different materials such as watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, pastel and different types of charcoal The Pastel and Charcoal program includes: Using of charcoal in studying natural shapes and forms and improving student's drawing skills and aesthetic innovation with particular types of coal and charcoal, as well as training them to use pastel colors to achieve different aesthetic values. The oil painting, water color and acrylic course includes: * Exploring these different materials using different artistic techniques and achieving various aesthetic and innovative values. - Course Duration: 8 weeks, Class twice a week .\ 3-Training courses and workshops in (Preparing for the entrance art exam ("kodrat") for high school students applying for The Faculty of Applied Arts ) ( Drawing and Basic Design Skills) - Course Objectives: To raise the student's efficiency and drawing skills and innovative design principles for high school students willing to apply for the faculties of Applied Arts. * Perspective drawing and basic design principles Program includes intensive study of pencil drawings of various forms in different perspectives, in addition to the principles of technical perspective drawing, skills and designing creative book covers, advertisements, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, table covers ect.. Using color - Course Duration: intensive 20 hours, 5 days a week .\ 4-Training courses and workshops in ( Preparing for the entrance art exam ("kodrat") for high school students applying for The Faculty of Fine Arts) (Creative drawing skills in pencil and color ) Course Objectives: The Program aims at raising the student's efficiency of expressing his/her creative ideas using pencil * Drawing, painting, both realistic and fantasy themes ,expressive and innovative designs and decorative ornaments in pencil, in addition to applying the proper light and shading effects. * Duration: intensive twenty hours, five-days a week , four hours each For more information please contact: Telephone: 38353560 Internal 1246 - Mobile 0129220029