Media and Mass Communication Faculty is hosting “The Gentleman” Hesham Selim'

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The faculty of Media and Mass Communication (O6U) held a symposium on last Monday, 13 October, 2014, to discuss the role of art in constructing a new Egypt. The symposium was attended by Ambassador/Dr. Kheir e-Deen Abdel Latif, the assistant of the former minister of foreign affairs and the vice president of the O6U Board of Trustees, and Prof. Ali Talaat, vice president for education and students' affairs. Moreover, it was also attended by a great number of media men, expertise and representatives from Al Mehwar Network Channels, along with Dr. Emad el Sharkawy, the Director of the O6U E-Learning Centre, and Ahmed Allam, the Director of the Youth Care Department. The symposium was presented by the distinguished journalist Magdy Abdel Aziz, the Deputy Editor of ''Akhbar el Youm'' newspaper. The actor Hesham Selim talked about art and its role in improving its methods that exemplify the citizens' problems at best. He asserted that the deterioration that inflicted art nowadays is a natural outcome of the deterioration status of the code of ethics at our society and the emergence of the sense selfishness and hatred toward the other. Selim highlighted that it is necessary to restore once more again our original Egyptian spirit in order to get out of such unnatural status of institutions. Selim also pointed out that the artistic field is just a reflection of what happens in society and that both society and art are inseparable. The symposium was characterized by transparency, frankness and clarity from the guest's side. In addition, it sheds light on the fact that the students of the Media and Mass Communication Faculty have a great patriotic and artistic sense implying that the future is going to be better. The journalist and artistic critic Magdy Abd elAziz creatively introduced Selim through uncovering new and unknown aspects of his life, such as his relationship with his father Saleh Selim, the ex-president of Al Ahly Club. The symposium comes within a series of artistic, cultural and sports symposiums that the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication plans to hold and that the O6U students seek to discuss. Ambassador/Dr. Kheir eDeen Abdel Latif has asserted that Egypt needs a meaningful type of art that lead the society towards development and prosperity needed in the status quo. On the other hand, Dr. Ali Tal’at has focused on the guest's belonging to a family that adheres to the great traditions and how his father, Saleh Selim, established a well based moral organization, represented in Al Ahly club, as well as a good reputation.