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 Faculty of Nursing October 6 University

Based on the importance of the nursing profession in establishing and supporting health care based on competencies and considering the scientific revolutions and modern technologies and their applications in all fields, including nursing education, it was necessary to raise the educational and training level of nursing faculty graduates through distinguished programs and quality in education and scientific research to keep pace with the new variables of community service.

Accordingly, October 6 University made it a priority to establish the Faculty of Nursing by Ministerial Resolution No. (5851) of 12/13/2020, it was a department within the departments of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. In order to start the nursing education system based on competency, innovative thinking and problem solving to enrich students with modern knowledge and nursing skills in accordance with national and international standards and evidence based on scientific research to graduate nurses who are qualified in non-traditional ways and possess qualities that qualify them to work at the local, regional and global level, as the Faculty of Nursing provides unique and distinct educational opportunities for Egyptian, Arab and foreign students

The study system at the Faculty of Nursing is based on the credit hours system, the duration of study for a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences is four academic levels consisting of 8 major classes equivalent to 144 credit hours followed by 12 credit hours (internship training for a period of 12 calendar months). According to the graduation requirements, a student who passes courses in summer semesters may finish the graduation requirements with one major semester before that. The Faculty includes (5) specialized simulation labs to train students in general and specialized nursing skills. The study in all courses in the English language, and it is permissible to study some courses in Arabic based on the course requirements. Courses are taught in the form of lectures, laboratory exercises, field studies, practical applications, case studies, discussion seminars, workshops, projects, cooperative learning and clinical training in hospitals and health units.

 There are seven departments in the Faculty:

-      Medical Surgical nursing

-      Critical care nursing

-      Pediatric Nursing

-      Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

-      Community Health Nursing

-       Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

-      Nursing Administration