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معايير اختيار القيادات الاكاديميه

 Criteria for selecting academic leaders

The Leadership and Governance Standard Committee prepared and defined the conditions to be met for selecting academic leaders based on the Universities Organization Law No. 49 of 1972 and its amendments, as well as the necessary mechanisms to implement these standards when appointing academic leaders.

• To have competence and research and scientific activity.
• Participation in university activities and student services
• Contribute to improving the quality of education.
• To have the ability to motivate others.
• To have obtained training courses that serve the job for which he is nominated.
• To have the ability to lead others.
• To have knowledge of administrative laws and regulations.
• To have the ability to listen to different opinions
• To have the ability to communicate and cooperate with others.
• To have the ability to manage time and work under pressure.
• To have the ability to make decisions and solve problems.
• To be honest, transparent and fair.
• To be committed to the rules and ethics of the profession.
• That his professional record be free of fragments and violations.