A student delegation from the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, October 6 University visited fontys University in the Netherlands

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 Within the framework of international cooperation between the October 6 University and Fontys University in the Netherlands,a student delegation from the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences,visited Fontys University in the Netherlands. 

The visit was organized for a group of students specializing in medical radiology and medical laboratories who participated in the joint certificate program accompanied by 2 faculty members from the faculty from Sunday 24/11/2019 to Thursday 5/12 / 2019

the visit program:

1- A visit to Fontys University to visit the library building and the buildings of radiology, nursing and physiotherapy departments 
2- Visiting Catarina Hospital and visiting the laboratory sections.
3- Attending a seminar on "Infection Control".
4- Attending a presentation about learning through problem solving methods "PBL".
5- Attending lectures with local students at the university on
(Communication skills and how to deal with patients and collogues) 
6- Visiting the university radiology department and training in ultrasound equipment.