The Facult of Information Systems and Computer Science had organized a seminar on how to write a research paper

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 Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Gamal Samy, the university president, and under the supervision of Professor Dr. Yasser Dakrouri, the vice president for education and student affairs, a seminar was held on 28/11/2023 on how to write a research paper, organized by the faculty of Information Systems and Computer Science at 6th of October University. The event was attended by the dean of the faculty, Dr. Nabila Hassan, Dr. Ismail Hafez, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Dr. Hassan Ajwa, dean of the Faculty of Education, as well as the vice deans of the faculties, faculty members, and members of the university's academic staff.

The speaker, Professor Dr. Mohamed Helmy Khafagy, the dean of the faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence at Fayoum University, covered the following topics during the seminar:
·        How to write each part of the research paper, including the abstract, introduction, research methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgments, and references, emphasizing the importance of each section.
·        Detailed guidance on choosing the research title and writing the names and affiliations of the authors.
·        In-depth discussion on writing each section, outlining its purpose, and emphasizing that the research abstract should focus on the objective and motivation, providing a brief summary of the most important results within 200 words.
·        The importance of crafting the introduction, highlighting key points such as the scientific background and the rationale for addressing the research topic without revealing specific details about the results or methodology.
·        The methodology, as the foundation of the research paper, should be clear, detailing every aspect of how the research was conducted, including equipment, software, or samples. Emphasis on using scientific terminology and proper language.
·        The significance of results, including presenting all findings through tables or comparisons with previous studies. The seminar also stressed the need for the research to express gratitude to those who contributed to the paper, whether individuals or institutions, particularly if the research is funded as part of a project.
·        Finally, the seminar covered citation rules, academic integrity, the importance of referencing reliable sources, and avoiding citations from scientifically unreliable sources. A list of important international journals that can be referenced was also presented.