Faculty of Medicine, O6U, Annual Scientific Conference Recent Advances in Surgical Intervention Thursday 23-11-2017

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 Conference program

10 A.M.  Opening ceremony                                                                          

10.30: Plenary session

Chair Persons: Prof.Dawlat El-Miligy, Prof. Amira Hamed

Prof.Dr. Ahmed Fahmy Omar

Scar Endometriosis

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Talaat EL-Ghonemy

Inferior Turbinectomy, Is It a Nasal Crime?

12.00 A.M.  First Session:

Chair Persons: Prof.Ezz-El-Deen Galal, Prof.Dr. Ahmed Fahmy

-          Comparison between Benefits of Routine versus Selective Intraoperative Cholangiography during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Yasser Hatata, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ahmed Nabil and Ahmed Abdelalim Elsayed.

-          Laparoscopic versus open management of adhesive small intestinal obstruction, a prospective randomized study: Adel Morad Abdallah, , Ahmed Zaki Gharib and  Hesham Ahmed Nafady,

-          The combination of the urinary IL and renal biometry as useful diagnostic tools to differentiate acute pyelonephritis from lower urinary tract infection: Sherif Azab, Mostafa Zakaria, Mona Raafat, and Hadeel Seief

-          Does septic Arthritis after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Always Affect Knee Range of Motion? Ebeed Yasin; Ahmed Darweash; Hosam El-Din Amin and Ahmed Tamer.


1.30 P.M. Break.


2.00 P.M. Second Session:

Chair persons: Prof. Maher El-Hett, Prof. M. Talaat EL-Ghonemy

-          Fetal macrosomia causes, diagnosis and effects on obstetric outcome: Dr/Haytham Torky.


-          Karyotyping in males with unexplained sever oligozoospermia.

Prof. Maher El-Hett.

-          New Advances in Male Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Techniques

DR/Ayman Rashed.

-          Bipolar versus unipolar hysteroscopy: Comparison of hemodynamic and biochemical changes: Dr/Nirvana Ahmed El-Shalakany.


2.50 P.M. Interesting Cases:


Chair Persons: Prof.Mohamed Abdel-Aziz, Prof.Mohamed Saeed.


    - Prof. Mahmoud Hafez

- Prof. Shereen El-gengehy

- Dr.Maged Zakarya

- Dr.Ahmed Nabil


3.30 P.M. Closing and Recommendations.