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Student Enrollment Regulator

Rules of Student Admission:

Student admission is regulated according to the rules set by the Supreme council of private Universities. The student has to be holder of one of the following certificates: 

  • The General Secondary Education certificate, or equivalent with minimum grade set annually by the Supreme council of private University.
  • American Diploma requirements: 8 scientific subjects, qualifying for admission to the Faculty, passed in the twelfth grade. Each subject must be of at least one credit. The certificate must be recognized by the C.I.T.A.
  • IGCSE, with 8 O-level subjects passed with at least Level 2 at Extended Studies System. The subjects studied should include: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • The students can be transferred from equivalent faculties. In this condition, they should be enrolled, at the level for which their previous studies qualify, in addition to any of the above certificate with its specific requirements. Under this condition the student have to attend at least 3 years in the faculty.
  • The Faculty Council can permit to postpone student’s enrollment at a specific level for up to 2 years; on the condition of paying a certain percentage of the fees for each of those mentioned years.

In all conditions, the student shall not be enrolled except after submitting his original documents.

Payment of Tuition Fees:

The student is not considered enrolled for any academic year unless he has completely paid applicable tuition and fees. The deadline for payment is fixed by the university. Payment for the whole academic year may be spent once at the time of admission or may be divided into two payments one on admission and the second by the end of the first semester.

  Documents and Credential Required: 

  • Complete application form for admission.
  • Official certificate of general secondary education or other equivalent certificate.
  • Six personal recent photographs.
  • Form 2 “GOND” (For Male Egyptian Students).
  • Copy of ID card or Passport.