Medical convoy to Mahmoud Abou El-Magd primary school at 6 October city

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    On Thursday 29th of March 2018, Faculty of Medicine carried out a medical convoy to Mahmoud Abou El-Magd primary school at Six October City  in collaboration with the Administration of Community service and Most of the Faculties at October 6 University  and Rotary Cairo Royal Club. The convoy comprised almost all medical specialties including, Internal medicine, General Surgery, Urology, Ophthalmology, (E.N.T), obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedic, Dermatology, Dentistry,  physiotherapy and pediatrics. Group of the Staff and 191 students including 40 students from Faculty of Medicine participated in the convoy under supervision of Prof. Dr. Azza El-Ghareeb the head of community service committee at Faculty of Medicine.  The convoy provided diagnostic and therapeutic services to 284 patients, 71 of them were referred to October 6 University Teaching Hospital for further investigations and surgical procedures. The students shared in the organization of patients in the clinics. Also, they shared in history taking, measuring the vital signs and distributing awareness flyers about some parasitic diseases, Virus C and some instructions about drug abuse and side effects. The Faculty of Pharmacy shared by supplementing the commonly needed drugs. Faculty of Dentistry presented awareness about dental care; Faculty of applied Medical sciences presented a lecture about laboratory safety measures to the students; the Faculty of Applied Arts conducted some artistic activities including drawing and painting and performing some paper designs and the participants from Faculty of informatics and computer science performed the statistics of the convoy attendants. The members of Rotary club distributed some presents in the form of tooth brush, tooth paste and some sweets. Finally