Faculty of Medicine OSSS members carried out “Together Against Stigma" physical campaign

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 On Thursday, 6th of December, Eight members of OSSS at Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University carried out “Together Against Stigma" physical campaign. The activity was conducted at Al-Radwa Modern Language School, Cairo and was attended by 90 primary students. As bullying is one of the most common issues that students may face and may lead to psychological troubles and personality disorders, OSSS decided to launch this campaign aiming for active participation to tackle this issue. Since OSSS believe in “Vision with action, change the world”, they decided to change the society and try to eliminate bullying. OSSS members focused on the primary students as they are the future. They taught the students what bullying is, all its forms, types, what should be done with the bullying student and what should the student do if exposed to bullying. The campaign comprised several activities to conduct the message.