Discussion of M.D.Thesis in General Surgery

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 On Saturday 19th of October, 2019, the discussion of M.D. Thesis of Dr. Alaa M.El Kamel the assistant lecturer of General surgery have been conducted at El-Demerdash Hospital. The title of the thesis was “Comparative study between surgical intervention and endoscopic stenting for management of leakage after sleeve gastrectomy ”, under supervision of, Prof.Dr. Sameh Abdallah Prof. of General surgery Ain Shams University, Dr.Sherif Morad Lecturer of General surgery Ain Shams University and  Dr. Ahmed Zaki , Assistant prof. General surgery ,October  6 University. The thesis evaluation  committee comprised Prof. Dr. Sameh Abdallah, in addition to Prof. Dr. Alaa Mohamed Prof. of surgery at the National Endocrinology & Diabetes Institute,  and Prof.Dr. Ahmed Alaa El-Din Prof. of General surgery Ain Shams University. The Thesis was accepted by the committee.