The October 6 University Medical Convoy to Primary Health Care Unit in Haram City May 10, 2015

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In collaboration with Ministry of Health, Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University arranged a medical convoy to Haram city, to provide medical services to the people in this district. The participant departments included Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and gynecology , and pediatric department . The Faculty of Pharmacy shared with Resala Society in offering the needed drugs, the Faculty of Applied Medical science shared by laboratory tests and portable sonar apparatus. The participants staff: Internal Medicine Dept: Dr. Mohamed El-Nemr Examined 80 cases Obstetrics and gynecology department Dr. ahmed Hussein Examined 52 cases Pediatric Dept: Dr.Ahmed Saad examined 100 cases Radiology: Dr.Ahmed Ismail performed sonar examination Laboratory Dept: Zeinab Adham laboratory tests for HCV,HBV,blood suger The supervisor of the convoy Prof. Dr. Azza El Ghareeb the Head of Parasitology Department distributed flyers about the intestinal parasites and awareness about the mode of transmission.