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About Us

About Us

Historical Overview

As one of October 6 University faculties, the Faculty of Information Systems and Computer Science was founded in 1996 as per the Republican Decree 243/1996, issued on 27 July 1996 (11 Rabīʿ Al-awwal 1417). The Faculty operates under the provisions of law 101/1992.

Core Values

Following are the core values to which the Faculty sustains its firm commitment

1.    Transparency, integrity, equal opportunities and excellent performance

2.    Continuous review, measurement, and assessment and development of all activities undertaken by the Faculty to maintain its consistency with international university practices and references

3.    Promoting freedom of expression, thought and choice for members of staff and students and creating a democratic ambience for all personnel and beneficiaries.

4.     Fostering effective teamwork and working towards the integration of different disciplines in consistence with the university's role as an institution of knowledge development.

Following are the Distinctive Features of the Faculty of Information Systems & Computer Science

1.    Enjoying a high reputation rivalling that of peer private universities

2.    Establishing academic and scientific agreements and postgraduate cooperative protocols with other governmental universities.

3.    The employment of an appropriate number of Faculty teaching assistants per year at all academic departments.

4.    October 6 University with hospital provides excellent medical facilities and services.

5.    Providing affordable student accommodation services of the top quality (two student hotels for females and males separately)

6.    Exerting efforts to address the issue of community service and environment development.