The Faculty of Education celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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 The Faculty of Education has celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in an event held on December 5th entitled Creativity and Daring Day for the Persons with Disabilities. Invited to the event are a number of distinguished speakers and guests including but not limited to Mr. Ameen Saad Eldin, Executive Director of Sector of Persons of Disabilities of the Egyptian Ministry of Education, Mr. Raffat Abou Taleb, Head of Dream Schools for Special Education and Raafat El- Naggar Secretary of Youth for Tahya Masr for the Specially Abled. The event included a musical show introduced and organized by two distinguished schools, Dream and Misr Language Schools. Prof. Dr. Ali Talaat, Vice- President for Education and Student Affairs and Salah El- Din Khedr, Dean of the Faculty of Education has granted the University Plaque in recognition of the distinguished work of selected leaders in the field of Special Education. Students were offered Certificates of Honor and Recognition for their impressive role in organizing the event and/ or for taking part in it.  Thanks are due to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia Saada, President of October 6 University ,Prof. Dr. Kheireldin Abdellatif, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and Cultural Relations, and Prof. Dr. Ali Talaat, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs for making this event possible. Thanks are also due to all those who dedicated time and effort for this event. The event was organized by El- Ghad El- Moushrik a faculty group headed by Dr. Fatma Barakat, Head of the Psychology Department and Dr. Abdel Mohsen Mosaad and many others.