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Chromatographic Research Projects

 A report for the research project of the fourth level pharmacy students' chromatography course, PHG (406)

On Wednesday, December 12th, 2018, fourth year students, displayed their chromatography course project in the square area of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The event was under the supervision of Prof. DR- Mahmoud Kohel.

and was attended by:

1-Dr. Ali Abdul-Aziz, vice-president of the university for post-graduate studies.

2-Dr. Amin ElDahshan, head of Pharmacognosy department. Ain Shams University

3-Dr. Mohamed Abdallah, vice-dean of Medical Sciences Faculty

4-Dr. Fathy Solaiman, Professor of Pharmacognosy, Cairo University

5-Dr. Nagwa Hashem, head of pharmacist’s syndicate.

6-Dr. Shaimaa Rabie, head of Clinical Pharmacy department, Imbaba Hospital

7-Dr. Soaad Hendy, head of the Clinical Pharmacy department, Giza pharmacists syndicate

The project co-coordinator and supervisor was Ass.Prof Dr. Samir Osman who supervised the event and the students' work all through the semester, in collaboration with:

Ass.prof .Dr. Ali Abd ELbary, Pharmaceutics department

Dr.Lina Gamil .lecturer at Microbiology Department

Dr. Nermeen Sheta. lecturer, Pharmaceutics Department

Dr. Haitham Ali. lecturer, pharmacognosy department, Helwan University

Dr. Tamer Ragab.Ass. prof, National Research Center

Dr. Amr Salah. lecturer, National Institute for Marine Reasearch

The project included

1-    Different methods of extraction and analysis of volatile oils from agro wastes

2-    Extraction  and production of nano-cellulose from mango stones.

3-    Production of new materials to be used in water purification.