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DUPHAT international conference

 October 6 university has crashed the expectations in winning 2nd award in DUPHAT international conference

Fourth year  students of  Faculty of Pharmacy, 6th October University, won the second place at  Dubai International Conference of Pharmacy and Technology (DUFAT) 2019.

The students participated with 2 posters. One of the posters won with the 2nd award among the Arab universities.

The winner poster was entitled:

"Added-Value from Mangifera indica Var.Mulgoba Agro-Stones as pharmecutical Tablets: Optimal Utilization of Mango Agro-Wastes"

This poster discussed the optimal exploitation of mango-waste and the extraction of cellulose from seeds and their conversion into the size of nanoparticles. Then, they were compressed in medicinal tablets and were compared with the materials used in the pharmaceutical industry (Avecil).
This research is a result of collaboration between the National Research Institute (Dr. Tamer Ragab), the Department of Pharmaceutics (Dr. Ali Abdel Bari), and the demonstrator (Nourhan Hassan) phyto-chemistry department. 
The second poster was entitled:
“Natural anti- microbial and Insecticide Product from orange peel oil”
This poster also discussed the optimal use of orange waste by the extraction of orange oil and manufacturing of an ant-pesticide from a natural product.
This research is a result of collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutics (Dr/ Nermin Sheta), Department of Microbiology (Dr/ Lina Gameel).
The audience: professors and students from other colleges commented on the level of work and on these creative ideas that help to create new horizons in the ways of education.
It was remarkable that there were a large number of graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy, 6th of October University, working in the major international companies in the field of pharmacy and medicine and the team  contacted them.
Under the supervision of:
Prof.Dr. Aly Talaat             Acting President of the University
Prof.Dr. Aly Abdul-Aziz      Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Koheil   Dean of faculty of pharmacy  Project co-ordinator
Prof Assis. Samir Osman