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 Policies of the Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University, in the affairs of education and students:

The Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University, adopts the following policies regarding the educational process for first-stage students

1- Adherence to the general rules approved by the Supreme Council of Private Universities regarding the criteria that must be applied in accepting new students and not accepting students who do not meet the technical, scientific and personal qualifications necessary for this.

2- Commitment to the announced academic schedules for all academic groups without modification except for compelling reasons and approval of the Council of Education and Student Affairs

3- To oblige the department councils to announce the various educational resources (sources, local books, international references available in the library and websites), provided that they are accessible to the student and easy to access them.
4- Announcing the theoretical, oral and scientific examination systems after adopting them and adhering to the methods of correction and distribution of grades in accordance with the decisions of the department council and achieves measuring the extent to which the objectives of the course are achieved and fairness among students
5- Upgrading the quality of the educational process and providing the material and human capabilities, facilities and equipment necessary for it.
6- Commitment to the scientific specialization of a faculty member when distributing courses for the first university stage.
Policies of the Faculty of Nursing, October 6 University, in scientific research
1- Developing and drafting a research plan for the college with the participation of faculty members and commitment to it, and updating it every 5 years according to the needs of the community.
2- Priority members to equip research laboratories for postgraduate studies and their continuous development and modernization.
3- Supporting scientific research that contributes to solving societal medical problems.
4- The development of joint research with distinguished scientific bodies at home and abroad, and considering this as a permanent commitment.
5- Providing adequate funding for scientific and applied research that is global, competitive and of a national character.
6- Establishing a mechanism to encourage international publishing and motivate faculty members to publish research in international periodicals.
7- Organizing local and international conferences and seminars
8- Supporting continuous medical education mechanisms.
Policies of the Faculty of Nursing, 6 October University, in matters of community service and environmental development
1- Supporting community participation systems.
2- Commitment to the college’s community service plan and refer to it when implementing each activity.
3- Providing adequate funding for free community service activities in conformity with the plan.
4- Supporting effective participation in national projects for the development of the environment and the development of society.
5- Follow-up of graduates working in the labor market to identify their various needs.