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Objectives and Goals


The Faculty’s strategic goals and objectives:


The first goal: To improve the quality of the teaching and learning system and raise its competitiveness.

Strategic goals:

1- Improving the quality of educational programs and developing new programs according to the needs labor market and the knowledge of society.

2- Continuous development of the performance and capabilities of faculty members.

3- Developing and improving the competencies competitiveness of students.

4- Providing opportunities for continuous learning and training.


The second goal: To develop the scientific research system and provide a supportive environment for creativity and innovation.

Strategic goals:

1- Developing a supportive environment for applied scientific research.

2- Developing the faculty’s research productivity, improving research quality, and expanding the implementation of graduate studies programmes.

3- Enhancing research innovation in areas of national priority.


The third goal: Strengthening the faculty’s role in community participation and achieving sustainable development goals.

Strategic goals:

1- Strengthening the faculty’s role in serving the community and achieving a sustainable development.

2- Developing the performance of the faculty's centers and units for the development of self-resources.

3- Supporting alumni services and communication mechanisms with them.


Fourth goal: Strengthening the college’s competitiveness and enhancing the elements of success and excellence.

Strategic goals:

1- Faculty accreditation from the National Quality Assurance Authority.

2- Improving the university rank in international ranking scores.

3- Employing technology in the use of an internal system in the faculty to ensure quality and develop performance.


Fifth goal: Strengthening the institutional capacity of the college.

 Strategic goals:

1- Raising the efficiency of the faculty’s institutional performance.

2- Developing and completing the faculty’s digital infrastructure.