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Academic support through

1- Academic guidance

The students are divided into groups of 50 students per group under the supervision of a member of the teaching staff and the supporting staff, and a periodic meeting takes place between the students and the academic advisor to discuss their needs and help them solve their problems.

2- Office hours:

Each faculty member and supporting staff allocates two hours a week (announced in the department schedule and on the website) to meet with students without a prior appointment.

3- Financial support:

The Social Solidarity Office studies the case of students with financial problems to make the appropriate discount for their case

A percentage of expenses is also deducted for parents and siblings according to the financial regulations.

4- Health support:

Students enjoy a special discount at the University Hospital clinics, and a comprehensive medical examination is provided for applicants to join the college for free.

5- Supporting cases with special needs:

Cases of illness, surgery, or accidents during studies or examinations are taken into account through the work of special committees in the hospital.