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Acceptance and transfer policy

(Policy Name: Admission and Transfer of Students)


Procedures for accepting and transferring students:

     The Faculty of Engineering at October 6 University sets procedures for accepting and transferring students that are consistent with the mission, goals and objectives adopted by the college, and are transparent in their announcement and achieve justice and equal opportunities, including:

The procedures for transferring and accepting students are announced in the student handbook and on the college's website.

Organizing introductory lectures for accepted and transferred students through the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, the Youth Pioneer, and the Director of the Quality Assurance Unit.

The procedures to be followed in accepting and transferring students include the following:

First: the general admission rules.

To have a high school completion certificate or an equivalent foreign certificate in accordance with the special conditions for each major.

Achieving the minimum college admission, which is announced before the beginning of each semester according to the rules of the Supreme Council of Private Universities.

To be medically fit according to the prescribed level.

The student should be of good conduct and behavior, and no extraterritorial judgments have been issued against him.

To submit all the documents required for enrollment, which are announced in the Student Affairs Department.

The approval of the expatriate body to study in the event of sending the student for the account of one of the countries or authorities.

Passing the admission exams that the College of Engineering considers to be held.

A medical examination is conducted on all students wishing to study at the university, and the result of the medical examination determines whether the student is accepted or not.

Second: The admission requirements for equivalent foreign certificates.

Admission to the college is carried out according to the minimum set by the university, the eligible subjects for each certificate, and in light of the rules announced by the Supreme Council of Private Universities, which are announced at the beginning of each admission period.

· All foreign certificates (IGCSE/American Diploma/German Abitur/French Baccalaureate/International Baccalaureate...) are evaluated according to the digital evaluation followed by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

The rest of the general admission requirements mentioned in the previous item apply to the admission of students holding equivalent foreign certificates.

Third: the method of acceptance.

The college determines, before the start of each academic year, the numbers to be accepted in the first level in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities.

Students are distributed to different departments according to their desires.

Fourth: Transferring students.

A- Rules for transferring from another university:

The college accepts students transferred from other recognized universities according to:

1. The student fulfills the conditions for admission to the university, and the conditions for admission to the college to which he is requested to transfer, in a manner that does not conflict with the decisions of the Council of Private and Private Universities, and in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty of Engineering at October 6 University.

2. A student wishing to transfer shall not be exempted from any course in which he obtained a grade less than a grade (C).

3. A student wishing to transfer shall not be exempted from any course that did not pass his/her previous requirements, regardless of the degree of his success in this course.

4. A medical examination is performed on all students wishing to transfer to the university, and the result of the medical examination will determine whether or not the student will be transferred.

5. It is permissible to transfer the enrollment of students who have been dismissed by other than the disciplinary method from the military colleges and the police college for not being fit for military life, or those who are dismissed due to the exhaustion of the number of repetition times in the first year, provided that the student has obtained the total number of admission to the university in the year of obtaining the qualification or the year of dismissal, whichever is better for the student .


6. The file of the student wishing to transfer from one university to another is referred to the Equivalency Committee at October 6 University - after its completion - in order to decide on the possibility of acceptance and determine the appropriate specialization and level. Required in light of the specific courses for the required specialization. The courses that have been equivalent to him are recorded in the student’s academic record and entered in the calculation of his cumulative average, and it is recorded in the record in front of the grade of each noted course (TC), that is, they are equivalent courses.

7. Transfers are submitted in all cases at least one month before the beginning of the semester to complete the procedures so that they can be approved by the Ministry on the specified dates.


B- Transfer within the university:

A student enrolled in one of the university’s colleges may transfer his enrollment from one academic major to another in the same college or from one college to another within the university – based on students – under the following conditions:

Availability of vacant places in the specialization he wishes to transfer to in light of the admission plan for this specialty.

Availability of admission requirements for the student in the specialization to be transferred to.

The grades of the courses he studied at the college he transferred from and accepted for him in the new major are calculated for the student as part of the graduation requirements.

Fulfilling any conditions for admission to the college or major to which he is transferred.

Requests to change majors are submitted to the College Administration / Student Affairs Department at the university at least two weeks before the start of any semester so that it can be approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.


Director of the Quality Assurance Unit Chairman of the Board of Directors
And the dean of the college

 Dr. Shorouk Osama Prof.                                Dr. Ismail Mohamed Hafez