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Nursing administration

 Nursing administration

department Vision

Nursing administration department seeks leadership and excellence in nursing administration education, scientific research, and community service on local, regional, international levels

Department's Mission

Preparing qualified nurse leaders able to manage and lead nurses to provide excellence nursing care to community individuals and competing in work market in innovative and motivative environment.

Department's Objectives

Nursing Administration department aims at equipping the students with managerial and leadership skills for effective running of a unit / department in health care  and educational organizations through:

§  Teach students managerial and leadership’ principles and skills.

§  Training  the students on the latest technological technologies

§  Enhance students’ personal development through encouraging lifelong learning and activity of self-development.

§  Applying scientific research to improve nursing care and educational’ management systems. 

§  Providing academic environment stimulating learning, production and  innovative thinking.

§  Faculty members development to improve academic performance.

§  Promoting community participation.

§  Enhancing and opening collaborative channels with local and international universities and education and research centers.