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Community Health

Introduction about department:

-The department provides students with a general picture of community health nursing and provides them with basic information and skills to identify the needs of the individual, family and society through the application in providing preventive, curative and rehabilitative nursing care.

-It also focuses on improving health and preventing the occurrence of diseases, depending on the concepts of primary health care.

Department Vision:

  The Department of Community Health Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing, Sixth of October University, be a center of excellence in community health care and meeting its needs at the local and regional levels.

Department message:
Preparing a nursing student who is able to provide integrated health care to various groups of society according to health needs and problems, by applying the principles of family and community health nursing in the three levels of prevention.

Department Goals

  • Acquire the skills and information needed for nursing interventions for the individual, the family and the community in health and disease.
  • . Apply the concept of primary health care which consists of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • . Activating cooperation with relevant NGOs and NGOs Community health.
  • Activate the role of scientific research to solve common health problems in society.

Methods of Evaluation

The evaluation is done by:

- Quiz

- Midterm test

- assignment in the specialty

- Field practical training (in schools - educational field trips - primary health care centers - elderly homes).