A mask that eliminates viruses and air bacteria by Dr. Sherif Mostafa, Professor of Engineering, 6th of October University

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 Dr. Sherif Mostafa, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, 6th of October University, obtained international protection for his patent “Air Sterilization to Eliminate Viruses and Air Bacteria” from the Academy of Scientific Research, which can be used in hospitals, laboratories, and quarantine, for those who deal with viruses and microbes directly. It can be used in the face of the Corona virus.
 The idea of the device: 
 The idea of creating a device that works to sterilize the air to eliminate viruses and aerobic bacteria came in early January 2020 with the emergence of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic in China and due to Dr. Sherif Mustafa's specialization in health and environmental engineering. Among his works is the use of water sterilization and disinfection technology.  From viruses, bacteria and algae to be safe to drink, one of the technologies used to disinfect water has been ultraviolet rays for more than 40 years, and it is the same technology used to sterilize operating rooms, hospitals and other places that deal with viruses and bacteria;  Therefore, this technology has been adapted for use in creating a small, portable and portable device that is connected to a respirator that sterilizes the air passing through it without exposing the user to the ultraviolet rays used in the sterilization process in a completely closed sterilization unit, as well as the device regulates breathing by placing a fine filter to give  Sufficient time to kill viruses in the sterilization stage and other challenges arose during the initial sample manufacturing.
 - The first stage: a filter to prevent dust and dust so as not to prevent that dust from exposure to the rays that sterilize during the next stage.
 - The second stage: the stage of sterilizing the air to kill viruses and aerobic bacteria through exposure to ultraviolet (C) rays with a wavelength of 254 nanometers (the 254 represents the best wavelength for the effect of instantaneous forces known worldwide and used in killing viruses and bacteria by breaking down RNA and the  Viruses and bacteria DNA in a momentary manner, and all research has shown the effectiveness of this type on many air viruses such as viral influenza and SARS, and recently the American studies in April and May showed that the ultraviolet rays are able to break down the RNA of the Covid virus 19 in seconds, and these studies have been announced internationally and indicated  Her American president in the recent period.

 Ultraviolet rays, with a wavelength of 254 nanometers, are also characterized by not being broken down by oxygen and not forming ozone, as ozone is formed by exposure to ultraviolet rays with a length of less than 240. Therefore, the length of 254 nanometers is safe and sterile air outside of it can be breathed and it is used in air sterilization in central air conditioners in important hospitals and facilities.
 - The third stage: the stage of the fine filter to regulate breathing and give enough time to kill viruses before breathing the air inside the mask.
 Using and operating the device: -
 - The device is carried on the back or on a side belt and is connected to a full-face mask (covering the eyes, mouth and nose) or a half mask (covering the nose and mouth).
 To be able to operate, the device is connected to an inverter and a lithium battery attached to the side belt.