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1. Authorization to contract with Telecom Egypt to build the Internet network and supervise its installation

And activate it.


2. Raising the efficiency of buildings, rehabilitating them, and redistributing colleges to and from them, for example and not

Limiting the addition of spaces for the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine, and the transfer of the College of Health Sciences, the College of Systems and Information, the College of Nursing, and the College of Physiotherapy.

3. Rehabilitation of Building 7, making engineering drawings to prepare classrooms, auditoriums, and supervision

I have to implement it.

4. Delivering supply water to Building 8.

5. Surveying Building 8, rehabilitating and creating classrooms and auditoriums, raising quantities and specifications, and supervising implementation to prepare a nursing college building.

6. Supervising repairs from the fifth floor to the entire ground floor in all colleges

And the hospital after the rains in January 2020.

7. Conducting a survey of the ten thousand meters area and submitting three proposals for constructing a solar tank

Supervising the implementation of the diesel and pump station to supply university buses with diesel.

8. Surveying of the boiler and electrical transformer for the hospital and its approval by the Engineers Syndicate

To obtain the necessary licenses for the university.

9. Preparing a booklet of conditions and specifications and preparing an inventory and quantities table for the development of the hospital.

10. Conduct a survey of the hospital’s drug store and have it approved by the Engineers Syndicate to obtain it

Necessary approvals and licenses for the university.

11. Preparing a coordination proposal for the public site in front of Building 7.

12. Inspect and prepare a report on the condition of all roofs of the university buildings to carry out the required maintenance to avoid rainwater leakage and its negative impact on all facilities.

13. In order to prepare a booklet of conditions and specifications for quantities to rehabilitate the roof of the fourth and fifth floors of the hospital to resist rainwater to protect the entire hospital building.

14. In order to prepare a proposal for the maintenance of the roof of a building, engineering and preparation of the quantities and specifications required to issue a tender for the maintenance of the entire roof.

15. Inspection of the ground fire water tank at the university headquarters after reporting that part of the concrete cover had fallen from the tank’s ceiling and parts of the tank’s body had collapsed. The quantities and inventory booklet has been reviewed, and the contractor will be supervised during the repair by the committee formed by the college.

16. All work and drainage columns for the Girls Hotel were raised, and a proposal was prepared to benefit from the water produced by the hotel after treating it for use in irrigating the university’s gardens.

17. In 2020, the repair of all lifting pumps at the university was supervised, including garage employees.

18. The college is currently assigned to supervise contractors to repair the university’s pumps.

19. Establishing a treatment tank for wastewater resulting from the hotel, Building 3, and Building 4, for the purpose of reusing it to irrigate the university’s green areas.

20. Establishing and developing a new and renewable energy laboratory to feed the Quality Unit at the College of Engineering.