The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences Held a Seminar Under the Title of "Violence Against Women and its Impact on Sustainable Development"

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 Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ismail Hegazy Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and ragaa ali Vice Dean for Nursing Affairs

The Nursing Program held a symposium entitled "Violence against women and its impact on sustainable development" on Wednesday; 27/11/2019 the lecturer is Dr.Amani Abdel Fattah, Consultant Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology at Al Ain Palace. 
The themes of the seminar were as follow
definition of violence against women
Types of violence against women
The effects of violence against women
State efforts to address violence against women
Sustainable development
Sustainable Development Goals
The most important issues concerning women
Results of the Women in Sustainable Development Partnership
The seminar was attended by a large number of students and faculty members who expressed their happiness and benefit from the seminar based on a questionnaire for the attendees after the seminar.
Seminar coordinator: Dr. Shahira Mohamed Metwally
Organizing Committee:
Dr. Mahmoud Abd Elaty