Under the auspices of Prof. Ismail Hijazi Dean of the Faculty, the Elections of the Student Union to choose  the secretaries of the student committees and their assistants were held on Sunday, 11/11/2018 
Under the supervision of Oversight Committee of members of teaching staff, composed of:
Prof. Manal Hassan
Dr. Mohamed Sameeh
Dr. Ahmed Moro
To ensure that the process of election is fair and transparent
A committee was also held to sort out the elections of the secretaries of committees and their assistants headed by:- 
o Professor Ragaa Ali, Vice Dean
o Professor Mohammed Abdullah, Vice Dean for  Post Graduate Studies and Research
o Dr. Hala Mustafa, Head of Medical Equipment Department
o Dr. Mohamed Samieh, Head of Faculty Youth Welfare 
o Dr. Ahmed Moro, Proffesor  of Medical Equipments Department 
o Teaching Assistant. Sameh Abdel-Aziz, Proffesor  of Medical Laboratories Department
o And in the presence of Representatives of the Candidate Students
The elections resulted in the victory of each of the following seats of the secretaries of the committees
1- Committee of Families
o Ahmed Mounir El Sayed Mohamed (Secretary)
o Mohammed Hamed Faraj Ashour (Assistant Secretary)
2- Technical Activity Committee
o Esraa Arafat (Secretary)
o Ahmed Eid Afifi Hamza (Assistant Secretary)
3- Committee of Sports Activity
o Ahmed Magdy Ahmed (Secretary)
o Abdul Rahman Hajaj Yousif (Assistant Secretary)
4- Committee of Cultural and Media Activity
o Amina Ali Elsayed Ali (Secretary)
o Yassin Mahmoud Yassin (Assistant Secretary)
5- Committee of  public Service
o Mahmoud Helmi Salah (Secretary)
o Mohamed Adel Salah Awad (Assistant Secretary)
6- Committee of Social Activity and Trips
o Mustafa Abdel Basset Abdel Shafy (Secretary)
o Marwa Tarek Abdel Monsef (Assistant Secretary)
7- Committee of Scientific Activity and Technology
o Moataz Mohammed Abdul Aziz (Secretary)