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 With all love and pride, and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl, Dean of the College of Applied Arts, and Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at the College of Applied Arts - October 6 University - organizes the "sustainability initiative Art and design ". 

The goal of the initiative: 

- Providing distinguished community services 

- Meeting the needs of society groups (children, youth, women, ...) - with regard to identifying how to make use of all kinds of waste. 

Stages of the initiative: 

The initiative is based on the idea of recycling various materials through the following stages: 

Preparing a set of videos dealing with various mechanisms for recycling materials (cardboard, wood waste, ...) 

- Executive videos will be received from various community groups that include their products to encourage them to participate on the following e-mails: 

[email protected] 

 [email protected] 

- A certificate of appreciation (on line) for the excellent video, idea and design, will be prepared monthly  

We are pleased to participate with you and your suggestions, follow us ... 

The initiative coordinator: Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah Sharif