Celebration of the College of Applied Arts on World Environment Day

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 Celebration of the College of Applied Arts on World Environment Day 

under the care of.. 

Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts - October 6 University 

Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah Sharif.. Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development 

The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector organized a symposium on the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day, through its initiative "Art and Design.. Distinguished Community Services" and in order to contribute to the dissemination of sustainable development goals through the zoom program on Thursday, June 24, 2021 at eleven o'clock A.m 

The program of the celebration was as follows: 

Speech of Prof. Dr. Mona Abu Tabl, Dean of the College 

Speech by Dr. Rehab Abdel Fattah Sharif, Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs 

The first lecturer .. Dr. Magdy Allam - Secretary General of the Arab Environmental Experts Union 

The second lecturer .. Dr. Mostafa El-Sherbiny - Secretary General of the International Federation of Experts on Sustainable Development 

The third lecturer.. Dr. Wafik Naseer - Member of the World Parliament for the Environment Fourth lecturer.. Prof. Manal Khairy - Professor of Economics Methods and Strategies 


In the end, thanks were given to everyone and the projects of the college’s initiative for recycling, which won the admiration of all attendees (projects under the supervision of Dr. Rehab Sharif - Dr. Amira El Sayed). 

Special thanks to all the lecturers and to Dr. Amira El-Sayed, who managed the celebration professionally, Ms. Amira Ghazi for designing certificates of appreciation, and M. Khaled Ayman for designing the celebration’s announcement