Organizing your company's exhibition

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Under the auspices of Dr. Mona Abu Tabl- Dean of the Faculty, the exhibition "Your Company" was held at the Faculty of Applied Arts at The University of October 6 to present designs for the design of administrative facilities in the presence of a number of industry men, including M. Hisham Saad (Chairman of solution company) and a number of external professors including A. Dr. Ismail Awad (Professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University)


Special thanks to the students for organizing and performing and for the outstanding work under the supervision of Dr. Maha Mahmoud (Head of Interior Design and Furniture) and Professors Dr. Mariahan Yahya, Dr. Ahmed Fathi, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shahat, Dr. Najla Ezzat and a group of the Auxiliary Authority