The Faculty of Applied Arts wins advanced positions in the capital administrative competition for the design of street furniture

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 The Faculty of Applied Arts - University of October 6 sponsored by Dr. Jamal Sami (Rector) and A.D. Mona Abu Tabl (Dean of the College) won the competition for the visual identity of the administrative capital where the college won four awards in the center of street furniture design:

First place - first place repeater - second place repeater - second place repeater

Dr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar (Minister of Higher Education) handed over the awards

Many thanks:

For faculty members:

Dr. Maha Ibrahim - Dr. Marian Yahya - Dr. Hala Mohsen - Dr. May Desouki

For the members of the auxiliary body:

M. Israa Magdi - M. Shaimaa Ahmed - M. May Mohammed - M. Isra Aladdin - M. Sara Ahmed - M. Maha Mohammed - M. Alaa Sharin - M. Rawia Hassan - M. Hajar Mahmoud - M. Myrna Mohammed