The college’s participation in the university’s development convoy (medical..cultural..artistic) to the village of Abu Urjwan al-Qibli

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 On Friday, March 25, the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at the College of Applied Arts participated in the university’s development convoy (medical, cultural, artistic) to the village of Abu Urjwan al-Qibli in Badrashin Center in cooperation with Life Makers, where the team organized the following:

-Multiple workshops and competitions for drawing with various techniques, and prizes were distributed

- An awareness campaign on the importance of preserving the environment in accordance with the goals of sustainable development (green thought .. recycling)

Special thanks to Dr. Soraya (Dean of the College of Nursing for Community Service Affairs at the university) for her outstanding efforts in organizing the convoy

And a special thanks to the students of the eco rangers team, especially by mentioning (

Jannat Saeed - Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed - Ahmed Medhat - Mazen Atef - Ahmed Mahmoud - Amr Montaser) for their outstanding efforts to make the day a success.