Seminar "What you do not know about the arts of fashion"

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 Under the auspices of Prof. Iman Al-Aziz (Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development) and Prof. Mona Abu Tabl (Dean of the College of Applied Arts) and Dr. Rehab Abdel-Fattah Sharif (Dean of the College for Community Service Affairs)

A symposium "What you don't know about the arts of fashion" was organized for Professor Dr. Laila Al-Maghraby (advisor of fashion sciences and dramatic fashion and professor of fashion design)

Special thanks to Dr. Laila Al-Maghraby for a very distinguished and wonderful symposium

Special thanks to Major General / Hisham Farag (Director of Public Relations Department) for honoring us and participating in enriching the symposium

Thank you to all our faculty and students for their honor and attendance

Co-organised: Dr. Amira El Sayed - Eng. Eman Adel - Eng. Myrna Hussein

Special thanks to eco rangers . Community Service Team