The Faculty of Applied Arts Organizes A Seminar "Design, Smart Cities"

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Under the patronage of the President of October 6 University, the Faculty of Applied Arts, October 6 University, held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at 12 PM, a seminar entitled "Design and Smart Cities", where Mr. Adel Lutfi, former Advisor to the Minister of Housing and Chairman of the Sheikh Zayed Investors Association, Dr. Hind Farouh, Executive Director of the Central Unit for Sustainable Cities, Urban Communities Authority delivered the lecture, supervised by Pro. Dr. Ahmed Awad, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, accompanied by Dr. Muhammad Zakria, Lecturer at Advertising Department. The seminar was attended by a number of staff members and students of the University, addressing   the relationship between design in smart cities and the role of the designer according to this modern system. Dr. Hind Farouh displayed a presentation that included the new in this field; Eng. Adel Lotfi also delivered a speech explaining the possibilities of cooperation between civil society and the academic community in order to provide innovations and solutions in this field to the student and researchers at the University. The students at the seminar asked some questions which was answered by the lecturers in order to clarify the meaning of the smart villages, their importance and the role of the designer in this new system. All participants praised the importance of the seminar and its relevance to the practical reality and future prospects.