Medical convoy to Primary Health Care Unit

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 On  two successive days  October 21st and 22nd 2015 .and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University organized a medical convoy to a primary health care unit(Osman buildings ) unit located  at 6 October Governorate. The convoy that comprised almost all medical specialities including, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Ophthalmology , Ear- nose and throat and paediatrics ,aimed at offering the most convenient medical service to remote deprived poor areas.More than 370 patients were examined and offered medical advice. In the same context , The Faculty of Pharmacy shared by supplementing the commonly needed drugs, the Faculty of Applied Medical science on the other hand offered portable laboratory and ultrasound equipments while the Faculty of Physical therapy lend a hand by a group of staff presenting the needed consultations. Students from the above mentioned Faculties were so much contented to actively participate in the convoy arrangement, contacting helping and guiding patients to the appropriate clinic