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International Publications of Staff of Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University

  1. Laboratory errors and patient safety. Dawlat El-Miligy Proceeding of the International conference &JEP dissemination cooperation & competition and HCQM. Pages 80-88, Stockholm (Sweden) 19-21 July 2008.
  2. Cutting balloon angioplasty in percutaneous carotid interventions. Fausto Castriota,; Esteˆva˜o Carvalho de Campos Martins, Carlo Setacci; Raffaella Manetti, ; Hazem Khamis, ; Barbara Spagnolo, ;Alessandro Furgieri,; Shane Gieowarsingh,; Sepideh Torabi Parizi, ;Paolo Bianchi,; Francesco Setacci, ; Gianmarco de Donato,; and Alberto Cremonesi, J. ENDOVASC. THER. 15:655–662. 2008.
  3.  S (+) ketamine suppresses TNF-a,IL-6 and IL-8 production in blood in major Abdominal surgery under combined epidural- general anesthesia. Hala Moustafa and Amr Mohamad. Abol ELa. J. med. Asian netwoark for scientific information Sci.,8 (2):137-142, 15 th February ,2008.
  4.  Study of the newborn feeding behaviours and fentanyl concentration in colostrum after analgesic dose of epidural and intravenous fentanyl in caesarean section. Hala Moustafa and Amr Mohamad Abol ELa. Saudi med. J. may, 29 (5): 678-82, 2008.
  5. Homocysteine among renal transplant recients and its correlation to the cyclosporine, GFR and folate levels.H.Assal,A.elsherbini,M.Fathalla, M.Elnemr. Kidney (2009)18:180-184.
  6. Outcome of treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse & stress urinary incontinence with transobturator tension free vaginal mesh (prolift) & concomitant tension-free vaginal tape-obturator: Ashraf Abou-Elela, Essam Salah, Haitham Torky & Sameh Azazy. Advances in urology (pub-med indexed) 2009.
  7. Effects of Losartan, HO-1 inducers or HO-1 inhibitors on   erectile signaling in experimental diabetes. Abdel Aziz T, El Asmer F.,. Mostafa T., Demery A.; JSM, 2009.
  8.  Long term results up to 19 years of mitral balloon valvuloplasty.  Mohamed Eid Fawzy. Asian Cardiovasc thorax Ann.17: 627-33 2009.
  9.  Relationship between soluble factor 11 receptor and ischemic heart disease  in heamodialysis patients. Seham Bakry and Ahmed Eldemery; African   Journal of  Nephrology, 2010.
  10.  Return to work after acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction in the modern era of reperfusion by direct percutaneous coronary intervention. Isaaz K., Coudrot M., Sabry M.H., Cerisier A., Lamaud M., Robin C., Richard L., Da Costa A., Khamis H., Abd-Alaziz A., Gerenton C. Archives of Cardiovascular  Disease  103,310-316 (2010).
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  13.  Soluble TWEAK and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in CKD  patients. Seham Bakry and Ahmed Eldemery. Arab Journal Nephrology and  Transplantation, 2011.
  14. Assessment of Anti-Mullerian hormone and ultrasonographic ovarian reserve markers in women with polycystic ovary syndrome undergoing laparoscopic ovarian drilling. Hamdy E., El-Mazny A., Abou-Salem N. and Torky H. Arab. J. Lab. Med. Vol. 37, No.3: 661-668 ,2011.
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  16.  The use of rotational bladder flap and hemostatic matrix sealant (FloSeal): a modified transabdominal approach to repair supratrigonal and complex  vesicovaginal fistula Aboul Elaa A., Torky H., Alfaiomy H., Reyad E., Azazy S. Surgical Technology International- December 2012.
  17. RANTES, TNF-α, oxidative stress, and hematological abnormalities in hepatitis C virus infection. Tawadrous G.,Aziz A. and Ahmed Eldemery; Mostafa Abdel Aziz. J Investig Med. 2012 Aug;60(6):878-82).
  18. The use of computer –assisted orthopaedic surgery in complex cases of hip and knee arthroplasty : experience from developing country. Mahmoud A.Hafez. Biomed.Tech 2012.
  19. Simultaneous dual vascular access site for the treatment of coronary  artery bifurcation lesions by complex 2-stent technique. Isaak K.; Mayaud N.; Lamaud M. ;Rynaud A., ;Cerisier A. ; Sabry M.A., Richard L., Khamis H.; AHMAD Abd-Alaziz A.And DA Costa A. J Interven Cardiol;25:439–446,2012.
  20.  Angio-seal: efficacy and safety of angio-seal device after endovascular antegrade   approach. R. Moia.; J. Clerissi., E. Moia,; M. Dondi,; H. Kamis ; V. Epicoco; C. Scotti ; R. Nuzzo.C. Massa Saluzzo.25th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)2012.
  21.  Angioplasty and stenting of chronic lower limb ischemia in diabetic patients.R. Moia ; J. Clerissi ; M. Dondi ; E. Moia ; H. Kamis ; V. Epicoco ; R. Nuzzo ; C. Massa Saluzzo. 25th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)2012.
  22.  Endovascular treatment of peripheral aneurysms. R. Moia ; J. Clerissi ; M. Dondi;  E. Moia ;, H. Kamis,; V. Epicoco;, R. Nuzzo ;, C. Massa Saluzzo . 25th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)2012.
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  24.  Intravascular treatment of the iliac lesion:our experience. R. Moia; J. Clerissi; H. Kamis; M. Dondi; E. Moia ; R. Nuzzo; V. Epicoco; C. Massa Saluzzo.25th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)2012.
  25.  IV stage Leriche-Fontaine CPOA. Is SFA always useful? R. Moia; J. Clerissi; M. Dondi; E. Moia; H. Kamis;V. Epicoco; R. Nuzzo;C. Massa Saluzzo. 25th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)2012.
  26. Popliteal access: a safe alternative to recanalize superficial femoral artery total  occlusion after antegrade approach failure.R. Moia1, J. Clerissi, M. Dondi, E. Moia, H. Kamis, V. Epicoco,R. Nuzzo ;C. Massa Saluzzo.25th World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA)2012.
  27. Assessment of biochemical changes among Egyptian women With increased body weight. M.Afify,N.Samy, M.Abdelmaksoud,MHashim,O.Saleh,M. Elnemr. Asian biomed Vol 6 NO.6 Dec.2012.
  28. Coronary stent malapposition. Hossam mansour> DOI: 10,1684/stv.2012.0711 pages 279-92. Sang thrombose vaisseaux volume 24.issue.6, juin  (2012).
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  31. The impact of atherosclerosis on lower urinary tract function. Sherif Azab.. http:// informahealthcare.com /tam  early online (1-4) 2013. 2013 informa UK ltd.Doi:10.3109/13685538.2013.795532.
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  34.  Total knee arthroplasty with patient specific instruments improves function and restores limb alignment in patients with extra-articular deformities.  Emmanuel Thienpont E.; Paternostre F.; Pietsh M.; Hafez M. and Howell S. http://dx.doi.org/10,1016/ J.Knee.07.001. .2013.
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  41.  TEXT BOOK: Chronic total occlusions a guide to recanalization. Alfredo R Galassi, S.D. Tomasello & Hazem Khamis. CHAPTER 2: Collateral Circulation in CTO.2013.
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  79. Percutaneous Electrical Stimulation for Management of  Monosympatomatic Nocturnal Enuresis. Nevine Waked ; Asfrah Mohamed;Somaya Aly;  Accepted at 14/4/2016  in the International Journal of Pharm Tech Research [V9N5,2016].( Scopus).
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